Avancie's goal is to provide five-star service, human and secure, by offering cutting-edge technological solutions to help notary, lawyer and CPA offices in an increasingly technological world.


Become the leader in the niche markets of notaries, lawyers and CPAs and be on the lookout for their needs in order to meet them with quality solutions. Always improve and use existing wheels to optimize the tools of tomorrow.




Avancie's origins date back to 1986 when the Chambre des notaires du Québec began developing software for the management of notarial Para-Maîtrestudies. Over time, a Trust (FISN) and a Corporation (CISN) were created to ensure the software's longevity. In 2008, this corporation, after several suppliers in a short period of time, decided to entrust the development, support and business development to Avancie and this was the beginning of a great adventure.



Avancie was founded in 2008 by Noëlla Therrien, Alain Ashton and Jean Pigeon, three ambitious and visionary employees who wanted to take charge of their future. At the beginning, the company was composed of 6 employees and now has more than 30. CISN and Avancie work hand in hand to be at the forefront of technological solutions for notaries. On the Web since 2004 and integrating with more and more platforms the more and more performing software. Avancie is now a key player in the Québec notarial profession.



Avancie has diversified its offering to provide solutions for lawyers and now offers Baromaitre.



The Barreau du Québec , the Chambre des notaires du Québec and the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec have selected Avancie and Lafortune Technologies, two Quebec companies, to provide you with a turnkey cloud computing service that ensures the security of your information and that of their clients.



Avancie becomes the owner of the Todoc, Docurium and eTribunal products that belonged to Lafortune Technologies.