To the users of YourZimbra E-Mail.


Here is the status of YourE-mail issues - Zimbra - Mailstore01


Preparing the new mail server.  

  • The mail server is installed.
  • Data restoration is now complete on this server.
  • The changes made in the last two days have yet to be implemented. This part must be done with the server closed. We are patiently waiting for this operation to be completed and we cannot estimate the remaining time with certainty. We invite you to visit or for developments.
  • Emails you receive during this period are retained and will be accessible when the installation is complete.


List of e-mails exchanged between December 26 and January 6

  • Based on the exchanges between you and the members of our customer service team, we can affirm that the majority of you are using Outlook or a smartphone, which increases the probability that there has been no data loss since the data is locally on your extensions or on your smartphone.
  • Also, we have been able to create a log of emails (Senders, Recipients and Subject) received and sent that will allow you to check if you have all your emails in either Outlook or your smartphone. If not, if necessary, request a forwarding to the sender when the service is available.
  • This list will be provided to you as soon as the mailstore01 server is up and running.


Access to Para-Maître

  • Those in Para-Maître Zimbra, your accesses will work, but you may get error messages. Ignore them. Also, since Mailstore01 is not yet accessible, you will not see your agendas, emails, ...



We will continue to keep you informed of new developments.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.


The Advanced Team.