At Avancie, we all work remotely! Before 2008, we had to travel 2 to 3 hours a day to get to work in downtown Montreal. With all that wasted gas, time and money, we decided when we created Avancie to work remotely and we offer this solution to all our employees. Our phones are virtual, our servers in data centers and all our applications are developed for remote work. Being more than 30 people who are passionate about technology, who chat, talk, conference call each other and with our customers, we never get bored. Our employees and customers come from all over Quebec and elsewhere. We see nothing but advantages!


One big family

Avancie's a big family. Most of the people who work with us have been referred or have worked with another team member at some point. 5 to 7s are organized every three months (except in COVID time). We get together for our Christmas party where we have a lot of fun. The average employee has more than 10 years seniority.


Looking for a challenge? We love wall knockers and we love to help them progress.

If you are interested, send us your information and when the time comes, we will contact you.

See you soon!


Noëlla, Jean and Alain



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