Change the year for the file numbering and change the next file number.

Automatic folder numbering:
***To be done by the system administrator in January only, as the programme uses the current year. ***

Please go to the menu "Administration/Files/Change of year (file numbers)".
When asked "Do you really want to change the year?", press "Yes".

*** Many people ask why this function is not automated.The manual year change for file numbering allows you to open the last files for the year 2021 when you return from the holiday break, if you ran out of time to do so before you left.

How to change the next file number manually:
For users who prefer to move immediately to the year 2022, it is possible to go and change the next file number for a notary. Here is how to proceed:
Menu Administration/Files/Automatic File Numbering.
To change the next file number, enter the desired number in the
column ""Next #" for the notary of your choice. Save. It is important to keep the nomenclature of the file numbers, i.e. "current year" "code of the responsible notary" "four-digit sequential number" (e.g. 22P00010001).

Closing and opening your financial year in general office accounting

For many of you, 31 December is the end of your financial year. As long as your 2021 year is not closed, it will be impossible to carry over transactions into 2022. When you return in January, you will be wondering whether you should close 2021 immediately or wait until all your December transactions are entered.
In fact, since Para-Maître makes it easy to go back to a previous fiscal year, it is possible to close your 2021 fiscal year when you return in January.However, we suggest that you carry forward all your pending 2021 invoices, process your invoice receipts received in December and complete all current transactions that occurred in 2021, to the best of your knowledge.However, it is not necessary to have reconciled your December before proceeding, as this can be done later without any problems.

What will happen if you carry forward transactions from 2021 when that year has been closed?
A warning will be generated for each transaction belonging to the closed 2021 year.This message will inform you that the transaction belongs to a closed fiscal year and will ask you if you want to continue with the carry forward.You will need to answer 'Yes' for each transaction.
The advantage of closing the year as soon as possible is undeniable, as you will want to process your current 2022 transactions without delay and avoid delays that are difficult to catch up on.

Here is the very simple procedure for closing the current year:
1. Make sure you are alone in the accounting of the company you wish to close;
2. Go to the menu Accounting/General/Miscellaneous/Close fiscal year;
3. Press the "Close current year (F5)" button.
4. When asked: "Do you still want to close year X (01/01/2021 to 31/12/2021)", press the "YES" button.
5. There is no need to print the report.