Automatic file numbering:

***To be done by the system administrator in January only, as the program uses the current year.

Please access the "Administration/Files/Change year (file numbers)" menu.

To the question "Do you really want to change the year?", press "Yes".

*** Many ask us why this function is not automated. The manual year change for file numbering allows you to open the last files of the year 2020 when you return from the holiday break, if you have run out of time to do so before you leave.

How to change the next file number manually:

For users who prefer to move immediately to the year 2021, it is possible to go and change the next file no. for a notary. Here is how to proceed:

Administration Menu/Folders/Automatic folder numbering.

To change the next file number, enter the desired number in the
column ""Next #" for the notary of your choice. Save. It is important to retain the file number nomenclature, i.e. "current year" "notary code" "four-digit sequential number" (e.g. 21P00010001).

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact a customer service agent by e-mail at