Many users have been receiving fraudulent e-mails in recent days asking them to click on a link. Beware, these emails are "Spam"!

Do not click on the hyperlink.


Basic checks to be performed before clicking on a link in an email :


  • Check the sender's address.
  • Check the recipient's address.
  • Have you made a request to your provider regarding a cancellation or change or otherwise regarding your email address? If not, then why answer?

Please note that the emails we send you always contain a valid signature with our Avancie logo, address and phone numbers.


Spam is a global phenomenon, it is your responsibility to ask yourself these basic questions before clicking on a suspicious link.


As soon as you don't know the sender, it should be suspicious by default.


If in doubt, contact our customer service at or 1-866-301-2476 or 514-657-2034.


Be careful and don't let yourself be phished!