AFORM: Customizable online forms

Have you ever dreamed that your clients would enter their personal data directly into Para-Maître ? Here is AFORM, the online form that will allow you to exchange information with your clients in a secure way for everyone without having to rewrite the information. What a great way to save time!

TODOC: Electronic notifications adapted to the Code of Civil Procedure

Would you like to notify a party? Or simply send documents and keep proof of your sending? Todoc is the solution that will allow you to notify in a secure, compliant, efficient and economical manner.

Docurium: Workspace for professionals and their clients

Docurium was designed for secure file storage and sharing. A Quebec-based solution for hosting and sharing documents in cloud computing mode that was developed specifically for the needs of professionals in Canada. In the course of work, documents are destined to be exchanged, commented and stored. Docurium is the tool that allows you to do so efficiently and in a highly secure manner, while respecting the requirements of your profession.

Interested in a demonstration? Click here!