Dear customers,

Avancie and Solutions 3JNA invite you on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 between 13:30 and 16:00 to present the technological advances for notary studies. The training will be held in room 204 AB at the Palais des Congrès de Québec.

Notaries and collaborators welcome!

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IP Telephony: Is it good for us?

- IP telephony good everywhere and all the time?

- Fees to consider

- Advantage if you have several branches

 Tips for your emails

- POP versus active synchronization

- Is it safe?

- Good practices to avoid being a victim of hackers/viruses

- Secure document exchange

- I have two e-mails: and another one to my domain What do I do?

Safety in your study 

- Should I offer Wifi to my employees and customers?

- Updating your protections (viruses, hackers, ...)

- Continuing Protection Plan

- Online backup or not?

- Disaster Recovery Plan

Paperless study (more ...)

- Revision of Part I

- Scanning of file documents

- Digitisation of authentic instruments

- Scanning techniques

- Internally or externally


- Integration of email, calendar, contacts and tasks

- Time management and pricing

- Secure document exchange

- And more!


- Automation of your account statements, distribution of your study's profits, instructions to the accountant and more!

- Your ideas (see registration form)!


Hoping to see many of you,

The Avancie team and 3JNA