Carrying out mandates (day 1 - in group)7h22-Jul-198:4517:00
Realization of mandates
(Day 2 - addressed to system administrators - as a group)
Coding (in groups)7h30-August-198:4517:00
Trust accounting3.5h29-Jul-1913:0016:30
General (office) accounting3.5h29-Jul-198:3012:00
Exact7hPrivate training - contact customer service


MANDATE FULFILMENT 1 The basic training " Realization of mandates 1 " over Para-Maître a period of 7 hours is available once a month at a cost of 100$/person. This training is open to all users, whether they are novices in the use of the software or experienced users who wish to refresh their knowledge. It is given online by an experienced trainer and covers most of the modules Para-Maître (except accounting and model coding).

MANDATE REALIZATION 2: The basic training "Mandate Realization 2" over Para-Maître a period of 4 hours is given online and is available once a month at a cost of 100$/person. This training is specific to Para-Maître. Administrators will have the necessary tools to then customize and configure Para-Maître according to the needs of the study. The management of the models, the different lists ofPara-Maître, the addition of users and accesses, the management of licenses and the update of the pricing information of the study are at the heart of this program.

CODING: The software Para-Maître is distinguished by the power of its document merging, as well as by the automated management of appearances, civil status and matrimonial regimes, merging conditional to the presence of data, the possibility of creating custom merge codes under study, etc. Merging speeds up the production of your documents (deeds, endorsements, correspondence, invoices, etc.), avoiding double data entry and the resulting risk of errors. The 7-hour template coding training course is given online and is available at a cost of $150/person. This training is open to all users. Please note that a minimum of 3 participants is required on the day of the training. It is therefore possible that it may be postponed to the following month if the minimum is not reached.

TRUST ACCOUNTING AND GENERAL ACCOUNTING: The training on the Trust Accounting module or the General Accounting module (office) will allow you to transfer your current accounting balances (manual or computerized) into Para-Maître. The accounting modules will then be usable on a day-to-day basis to maintain your data. Each training course lasts 3.5 hours and is given online. In the "private" formula, the rate is 90$ per hour. This formula allows you to initialize your balances with the trainer. The group formula is now available. These are for users who Para-Maître wish to create a group of trust accounts or a company with balances at zero (i.e. with no balance previously received) or simply to improve their skills with one or the other of its functionalities. The cost is $150.00 per office, maximum of 6 participants per block.



To register for training, please contact customer service at 514-657-2034 or 1-866-301-2476 or by email at