The probable cause of this problem is that the mail wizard (the Para-Maître blue, orange and green icon next to the time in the bottom right corner) has lost the link to our server. It is the one that allows the opening of documents, the printing of checks and receipts and the sending of wills and money orders reports to the Chambre des Notaires.

In most cases, the icon will then be red or even non-existent. It is possible to close the process by right-clicking with the mouse on the mail wizard and selecting "close" . If this is not possible because the wizard is frozen, open the task manager (CTRL+ALT+DELETE/task manager) and do "end task" on the "Assistant" process.

Then, you must click on the icon on your desktop "Start Para-Maî Web" to restart it, the same procedure is applicable if the wizard does not exist. The mail wizard will reappear in yellow, then in blue. To make it recover all its colors, on the web page of Para-Maître, click on the menu "Action" and "Reconnect Client".

In the event of a problem at any of its stages, it is also possible to restart your computer completely. This will have the effect of closing the mail wizard and reopening the application as usual. For more information, do not hesitate to contact customer service at (514) 657-2034 or toll free at (866) 301-2476.