We are pleased to announce a new version of Para-Maître which will be available from Monday 21 February. Several changes are included.

Please note that Para-Maître will not be accessible during the update which will take place on Sunday 20 February between 7pm and 10pm.

Here is the list of new features:

  • Synchronisation via word in 64-bit
  • The addition of the Alt-Z marco in word via the Para-Maître
  • Allow modification of the code of a file type 
  • Stewart's title insurance - here are some of the benefits:

Clients have six (6) months to order title insurance (compared to 30 days in other platforms);
-Receipt of final documents at the time of ordering - you don't have to wait for the transaction to close (loan-sale);
-Documents (policy, invoice, etc.) are imported into PM; -The premium disbursement is automatically entered into the file disbursements to avoid oversights during billing; -The title report is signed by the client at the time of ordering.The documents (policy, invoice, etc.) are imported into PM;
-The disbursement for the premium is automatically entered in the disbursements of the file in order to avoid oversights during invoicing;
-The title report is signed at the same time as the order in PM;
-You can order a policy with private institutions such as Fairstone Financial, Capital Transit, Victoria Financial, etc;
Title insurance applications for properties over one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) can be ordered directly through Para-Maître;
-The existing homeowner's policy is only available in PM - it is used to protect the property owner against identity theft, fraud, etc.

-There is no limit to the amount of money on the platform...

  • Several patches and other minor improvements

Here are the title insurance manuals, one of which is specific to Stewart. We strongly recommend that you read it.

Title Insurance - Guide 2022

Stewart Title Insurance - Using the new form

Free training on the title insurance features of Para-Maître is offered by Stewart. You can book your training by clicking on the following link: https: //www.gorendezvous.com/bookingwidget/?companyId=117627&stype=NOTAIRES

Do not hesitate to contact us.

The Avancie team