Personal Information

Avancie takes the protection of its customers' personal information to heart.

This notice explains how we collect, hold, use and, where appropriate, disclose your personal information when we do business with you.

This notice complies with the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (RLRQ, c. P-39.1). We invite you to read it and to contact us by one of the means indicated at the end of this document if you require clarification.

  1. Client records and personal information : The personal information that has been collected about you for the purposes set out in this notice is kept in a "client file".
  2. Your file may contain your name and company name, as well as your address, telephone number, email address and financial information required for pre-authorized payments.
  3. Avancie is authorized to collect, retain and use the personal information in your file, as well as to receive or disclose personal information from the third parties mentioned below, for the following purposes:
    1. identify you and ensure the accuracy of the information in your file;
    2. provide you with information about its products and services;
    3. to deliver the required services to you;
    4. comply with the requirements of laws and regulations; and
    5. verify with another organization information you have already given, when required for the purposes stated in this notice.
  4. Third parties:
    1. Provided it is for the purposes stated in this notice, Avancie may transmit your personal information to agents who are responsible for delivering our company's services. When Avancie communicates personal information to its service providers, it ensures that they are prohibited, by contract, from using this information for purposes other than those for which they were used.
    2. Avancie may disclose your personal information to third parties if required to do so by law. For example, it may disclose information to the Canada Revenue Agency for tax purposes.
  5. Avancie's employees and agents may have access to your file, provided they have a legitimate need to know information about you, in connection with the purposes set out in this notice. Access is restricted to these purposes.
  6. Your file is stored electronically in 2 data centres in Montreal, one serving as the main site and the other as a backup site in the event of a disaster. It is also possible that some of the paper documents in your file may be stored in our Verdun offices.
  7. Right to Access and Correct Personal Information: Except in certain circumstances, as set out in the Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector, you have the right, upon written request, to access the personal information in your file. You may verify the accuracy of the information and request, in writing, that any inaccurate information be corrected. To do so, please contact us using one of the methods listed at the end of this notice. If the question is not answered to your satisfaction, you may contact the Privacy Officer at
  8. Changes in Personal Information: Please inform Avancie promptly of any changes in the personal information you have provided to Avancie by contacting Avancie by one of the means listed at the end of this notice. Avancie appreciates your trust and is committed to responding to your questions and comments about your personal information in a prompt and courteous manner.

Answering your questions and concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about the handling of your personal information, please follow these steps:

  • You can easily get an answer to your question or concern by contacting our customer service team:

514-657-2034 or 1-866-301-2476
Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ET)

  • If after speaking with Customer Service your question or concern has not been resolved, you may contact the Privacy Officer :

Christiane Therrien(

  • If after contacting the Privacy Officer your question or concern remains unresolved, you may contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Quebec.

Commission d'accès à l'information du Québec