QuickBooks Online Integration

Para-Maître now has a bridge to do accounting in Quickbooks Online (QBO)

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Bridge the gap between Para-Maître and QuickBooks online

New for 2021 at Para-Maître : the bridge between Para-Maître and QuickBooks online is now available.

Why this gateway? Because this feature allows you to keep what you like best in Para-Maitre: an accounts receivable module that offers invoicing adapted to the needs of professionals such as yourself, where the need to properly document invoices is taken into account, and where you can track your fees by professional, by date, etc.


And the other fundamental reason is that with QuickBooks Online, you will have access to a scalable accounting module that is maintained by accounting professionals. In QuickBooks Online, you can prepare a budget, you benefit from an Accounts Payable module, a simplified and improved bank reconciliation, you have the possibility to add the modules you need, for example payroll, expense accounts, etc.

By making this choice, Corporation Informatique des services notariaux (CISN) enables its members to make the financial decisions that are necessary in today's business world.

What motivated our choice for QuickBooks: the accounting software had to be 100% Web.



No training or support for QuickBooks will be provided by Avancie. Click here for help directly from Intuit - Quickbooks:Quickbooks Help

Benefits for your study

Simplified access

Via Para-Maître for users



Invoices and statements sent by email


Simplified reconciliation of your bank and credit card accounts



Accounts Payable Management Module


Project-based accounting


Direct access without going through Para-Maître



With third party software ($), expense accounts, etc.


And more!

Payroll Module ($) Mileage Management

Need more details?

Preparation of invoices

Invoices will continue to be prepared in Para-Maître, and merging in Word will work in the same way. Some merge codes have been added or modified but for the user the principle has not changed. Activities and disbursements will be mergeable in the invoice as it is currently done.

The invoices will then be transferred to QuickBooks online. The mechanism is simple and an option has been added in the Accounting menu of Para-Maître for synchronization between the two software.

Collection of invoices

Cash receipts will be processed in QuickBooks and then synchronized to Para-Maître so that your accounts receivable are always up-to-date on both sides.

Customer and supplier management

The management of customers and suppliers will be done in Para-Maître. The printing of checks will be done in QuickBooks except if you use magnetic checks.

Entering and processing postings

Your entries in the various accounting journals will be entered and processed in QuickBooks.

Financial Reports

You will produce your financial reports in QuickBooks.

Migration will be done by appointment with a resource from your office and our dedicated accounting agent.

For more information, we have made a PDF document available to you, which contains all the information.

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