Need to send confidential documents to a client? Why not do so via the "YourTransfer" service which is directly accessible via Para-Maître. The service is free, secure and easy to use. Here is the procedure to follow:

Access documents/supports/attachments from a file or customer master record. Click on the padlock icon at the top next to the "Time" button. This will display a box next to each document/support/attachment. Simply tick the document to be sent. You can select more than one for the same sending. Click again on the padlock button to confirm your choices.

On the collaboration panel (icon list on the right), you will find the same padlock symbol, now with the number of registered documents you selected in the previous step and which are now ready to be sent.

In the 'To' field, enter the email address of the recipient to whom you wish to send your document, or the name of the customer Para-Maître for whom an email address is associated in his or her customer file. Customize the default instructions, with notes or comments in the 'Instructions' field. Formatting tools are available.

The "key via phone" icon indicates that the key to retrieve the document will be transmitted to the client by phone (the box is checked by default, as this is the most secure method. It is not recommended to send the key by email). If you do not check "key via phone", the customer will receive two emails, one giving the link where to retrieve the sent document and the second one which will include the security key. Then, click on the send button which is the "envelope with a green arrow" icon, which will send the chosen document(s) to the secure server of YourTransfer where the documents will be saved. The download key will be displayed and you will be able to contact the recipient of the shipment to give it to him.

Your client will then simply have to click on the link in the email he or she receives and enter the 9-digit download key on the web page to access the documents.

For more information, you can consult the manual by clicking on this link: YourTransfer or for any questions, contact customer service at Para-Maître (514) 657-2034 or (866) 301-2476.