They're satisfied, they say!

I currently use many of the services offered by Avancie: Your Fax, Your Email, Your Transfer and Para-Maître. For each of these services, I have always received outstanding service. Their customer service is truly one of their great strengths. They are both easily accessible, make quick follow-ups and the exchanges are always cordial and friendly.

I am completely satisfied with every service I subscribe to. For example, Your Fax which allows you to receive and send faxes by email. It is therefore possible to print only the pages that are really necessary or even to directly destroy the received fax if it is for example advertising. Ecological, economical and so practical!


Caroline Lamoureux-Larochelle, Notary

Executive Director, Réseau Notarial Plus

We are very satisfied with the software and its development. Over the last few years, the software has benefited from many evolutions that make it a very powerful software. Avancie's staff is very dynamic and attentive to proposals aimed at constantly improving the software. Faced with numerous proposals, in order to respond to customers, Avancie has set up a user committee that selects the most popular proposals and proposes them to the computer specialists.


As the software had evolved so much, we were no longer able to take advantage of all the improvements made. So we asked Avancie to help us update our knowledge of the software. A member of the team came to our office to give us a three-day training session. The training was exceptional and allowed us to re-appropriate the software by better understanding its structure. Today, we don't spare words when we say that our life has changed!


The people at Avancie are generous with their time and attentive to the needs of their clients. Whenever possible, they are available to give all kinds of advice to improve the management of our offices and to maintain the tools and equipment at the cutting edge of technology. They are also available and meticulous in finding solutions to difficult problems.


We greatly appreciate the services and advice of the Avancie team and we are very grateful!

Bruno Vachon-Rhéaume, notary

Owner, Vachon and Associates