Your new way to notify. Notify securely and compliantly, in less time and for much less money. ISO 27001 certified
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Todoc - Features

Compliance legal


Security insured


Documents official

Communications automated


Verification integrity


History and research

Extension for Outlook

Mode Company


Customization of shipments

Fill out the notification form. Create a single shipment to notify multiple recipients. Add detailed information on the documentation transmitted. Choose additional protection by access code.
2. Attach the documents to be notified. Your bulky documents are accepted! Your documents still remain in Canada. Once the notification is successful, Todoc deletes your documents.

And that's it!

Todoc completes the operation for you. Confirms your shipment and creates a notification slip. Sends a reminder to the recipient if the document is not downloaded. Ensures the integrity of the documents sent and allows for their validation. Keeps a history of all your notifications.