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VOTRECOURRIEL is a secure email solution with Web access, fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook. You can have a professional e-mail address with your own domain name or the one associated with your order (@avocat.ca; @cpa-qc.ca or @notarius.net) and ensure the security of your data.
The e-mail address must meet the criteria determined by the law societies.
For more information, please contact us: professionnumerique.ca

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Receive Email Sending

Via Pop/SMTP


Email sharing, appointments and tasks


Advanced Web Client with email, calendar and tasks accessible from anywhere in the world


Ability to add other domain names.

Example: @xyz.com (you must own the domain name)


Email access from mobile devices

Via Pop/SMTP


Add, delete, and simultaneously edit emails, appointments, and tasks on most devices.

Example: the employee makes an appointment and it takes immediate effect on your phone and vice versa.


Backup all your emails, appointments and tasks in all your devices


Emergency environment



Connectivity Web Interface


Outlook configuration and connectivity (MAPI, EXCHANGE)

Our FAQs, manuals and customer service agents will help you get the information you need for common questions.


Calendar Sharing

Our FAQs, manuals and customer service agents will help you get the information you need for common questions.


Mobile device connectivity (recent Android and Apple products).


Outlook setup and connectivity (POP, IMAP)

Our FAQs, manuals and customer service agents will help you get the information you need for common questions.


Transferring information from elsewhere to VOTRECOURRIEL

Our FAQs, manuals and customer service agents will help you get the information you need for common questions.

Cancellation of an account

To cancel your email account, from the email to cancel, please send an email to sac@avancie.com with your cancellation request.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who owns the servers?

The Fiducie Informatique des Services Notariaux ("FISN") owns the servers where the notaries' e-mails are hosted.

What are Avancie, FISN and CISN? What is the relationship with CNQ?

- The CISN is the Corporation informatique des services notariaux which is an independent entity of the Chambre des notaires du Québec. It is administered only by and for Québec notaries who use Para-Maître. CISN is your corporation.
- The CISN is the Fiducie Informatique des Services Notariaux created by the Chambre des Notaires du Québec whose sole beneficiary of first order is CISN and of second order is the Chambre des Notaires du Québec
- Avancie inc. is a private company that CISN has mandated to ensure the continuity of services offered to notaries.

What are the functionalities of the email service?

- Work tool synchronization: Emails, tasks, contacts and appointments are updated instantly on your phones, tablets and computers. Add, edit and delete items on a single device to update all your work tools.

- Sharing calendars between collaborators: Appointments added to your calendar by your collaborators will be instantly synchronized on all your devices and those of your team members. You will benefit from real-time updated information to manage your agenda more efficiently, regardless of your geographic location.

- Compatibility and mobility: The technology supports most smartphone models, tablets and operating systems. It is compatible with both PC and MAC platforms. It integrates with Microsoft Outlook and many other email solutions.

- Domain name customization: The solution supports not only "@notarius.net" email addresses, but also multiple domain names, for example rgagnon@notarius.net and rgagnon@robertgagnonnotaire.com. You will therefore be able to transfer your existing corporate e-mails or create new ones, which favours the recognition of your study's name while reducing IT management costs.

- Enhancement of CyberCourriel functionalities (remote Web access to " @notarius.net " e-mails): From the browser of your choice and from any location, you will have access to a user-friendly Web interface that will offer you almost all the functionalities related to e-mails (calendars, tasks, address book, etc.).

- Data security and confidentiality : Email, task, contact and appointment data is backed up daily. Two data centres, several kilometres apart, protect you against disasters. The exchange of information between your email software and the servers is encrypted to ensure data confidentiality.

What payment methods are accepted?

Payments can be made either by direct payment or by cheque. Credit cards are not accepted.

How does synchronization work compared to what was offered with Notarius for mobiles?

In the past, you used POP or IMAP technology, emails were duplicated. One copy was sent to your Outlook and another was sent to your mobile. If you deleted an email on your mobile, you had to delete it from your Outlook as well.

With the new method, if you delete an email on your mobile, it will also be deleted in Outlook because the data remains on the server.

Can we continue to use POP-IMAP on our mobile devices?

You will be able to continue using POP-IMAP without paying any additional fees. We do not recommend it and offer no support for this method. We advise you to read the previous section.

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